Hosting a Birthday

Not mine this time...

One of our Girls' Night In gals had her birthday yesterday. We had a small party for her at my house. I cleaned and tidied and worked on a small project in the garage and then cooked (of course!)...
Our birthday girl's favorite meal is lasagna, so I got a recipe from my sister (she thoughtfully emailed me a recipe from her America's Test Kitchen cookbook - not sure which one).
The recipe had two main parts, making the tomato sauce from scratch. Here's the mise en place:

You'll see the final product in the mise en place for the assembly of the lasagna itself:

Meat can be added to the tomato sauce, but I used Morningstar "Meat" Crumbles, since one of the GNI girls is vegetarian (she's also not supposed to have gluten, but she talked us into using regular noodles, sly girl). Unfortunately, it turns out the birthday girl is not supposed to eat soy. All these food intolerances (we also have a gal with a latex allergy, which also affects her eating habits pretty extremely) really puts a crimp on the food for gatherings nowadays!
Anyway, for those of you waiting breathlessly for the final product, here it is:

The party was really nice. Ended fairly early, so I could watch TV and knit for a while before going to bed.

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Mummy Grabill said...

I can vouch for the fact that that Lasanga was Oh yeah, babe . . . good!