Review: The Bank Job and Kona Grill

Late in the work day on Friday, my good friend Stacey showed up at my desk to find out if I had plans for the evening. Of course, I was going to watch the season premiere of Battestar Galactica, but through the miracle of TiFaux, I didn't have to watch it on Friday. So, I went off to the mall to do a little reconnaissance (I have a few gift cards I need to use) shopping. I didn't buy much, but did a lot of thinking on how I want to spend my money.
Then, we met Stacey's husband and went to The Bank Job. It's a very good heist movie. Usually the description "based on a true story" doesn't mean much, but I think it was the underlying reason for the excellence of the movie. The scriptwriters managed to retain the unpredictability of real life and the complexity of real people. We were reminded of the fact that Jason Statham actually can act (and not just flex lovely muscles). The quality of the rest of the cast makes it almost an ensemble piece. It's closer to a suspense and political thriller than an action film, but it is excellent and worth the $9.50.
After the movie, we went to Kona Grill. Remembering my sister's high praise for their sushi, I got hot sake, yellowtail sashimi, and an eel sushi roll. The yellowtail was delicious. Actually, the first bite I had was a little fishy, but when I made sure to add a little soy sauce, the rest of it was yummy. I also really like eel, but for some reason, the starch of the rice was more predominant than I usually like. In retrospect, maybe a little soy sauce would have helped those as well. All in all, excellent sushi. Stacey had Roasted Asparagus Salad with field greens, tomatoes and grilled onions, tossed in a honey- balsamic vinaigrette, served with herbed-goat cheese crostini. She had ordered it before and loved it. I believe this time was equally good. JR had Chicken Satay with cabbage slaw & sweet hoisin dipping sauce. He really enjoyed it, from what I observed (empty plate if I recall correctly). So, Kona Grill, on the expensive side (as you can see by the prices on the site) but the food was excellent. The service, however, left a little to be desired. From what I hear, that's not usually the case, so I won't dwell on it. Plus, once our server realized he was pissing us off (or was reprimanded by another server), he made a real effort to take care of us better.

Thank you, Stacey and JR, for a lovely evening out.

PS - I watched BSG this morning and [wiggles in excitement] boy is it good!


Random Michelle K said...

I watched BSG this morning and [wiggles in excitement] boy is it good!

Don't tell me!

We have it on DVD, but haven't watched anything but the miniseries yet, because from that it seemed like there was a little more boinking than I was comfortable watching with my grandmother.

Though we're considering trying again, since we haven't been watching anything at all in the evenings.

And I was wondering about the Bank Job. I really like Jason Stratham (which unfortunately led me to watch Crank in the theater [which unfortunately made me motion sick within moments (thank goodness it was a matinee)]) because he's plays such great characters.

Anne C. said...

The boinking is not as prevalent after the first season. It is *definitely* worth watching.

I like Jason Statham too and have ever since The Transporter. I loved that character. And I haven't seen Crank yet, but I hear it was so bad that it was a good thing you couldn't watch more than a few minutes.

Mummy Grabill said...

Michelle - yes - the boinking considerably lessens after the 1st season. Our Mum didn't want to watch it for the same reason ("too much T&A") but it really is worth getting through that!

I felt the same way about Crank. I like Jason Statham as well - but this movie joined the small ranks of those that we turned off in the middle (the other two being: Batman and Robin (blech!) and Very Bad Things (a horrible "comedy" about dudes who kill their stripper by accident while at a Bachelor Party in Vegas))