Attack of the Work Ameoba

This is me working with the help of the cats, 'cause that's what I've been doing all weekend. >:P
I haven't written anything, but I'm getting lots done for work! Both today and yesterday I went in to work and then brought stuff home to work on.
The good news? Our deadline will be met and I've managed (so far) to keep up with my new responsibilities and the architect I'm working with continues to tell me how happy he is that I'm working on his job.
I will finish this novel, I just hope I maintain my sanity through this week.

I've been visiting John Scalzi's Whatever blog for a week or so now and it seems like a pretty good blog. He's a science fiction writer and has some interesting things to say. I'm adding a link to my interesting links list.

Now, I've procrastinated long enough. Time to get back to work... on work.


How sad is it that I feel guilty for only managing 1 hour of working between 6:30 (when I got home from the office) and 9:30 (when I left for soccer).

And we won our soccer game (6-4) though we were all tired and there were way too many turnovers. Fortunately, the game ended, because they were decreasing our lead pretty steadily in the second half.


Anonymous said...

Now this photo is spliced. But who took the photo of the cat sleeping on top of you?

Anne C. said...

Matti's not on top of me, he's sitting on the poncho I have on right in front of me at the crook of my legs and torso.
I took both photos. That's why it looks like I have no arm.

(I'm getting pretty good at taking pictures of myself. :)

Aileen said...
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Aileen said...

If there is one thing I can comiserate with you on, it's work. I've just recently started bringing work home (granted, I *do* get OT so in that sense I'm VERY lucky) - anyway, I bring it home out of necessity (being that if I want any sanity at work during the day, I darn well get some extra things done on the side!) and out of the desire to please. Maybe not "please", but more like - the desire for people to feel "now THAT'S someone we can rely on!" I have recently been rewarded with the knowledge (acquired on the DL from a person a little more involved with HR Management) that I have "a VERY strong reputation with upper mgmt" & that I am "spoken highly of". Anyway, now I feel like I'm tooting my own horn, but it feels good to have people know you can be a "go to person" & I think your work sees you as that kind of person. :-)