Looking on the bright side

Well, I might be tight on money now (due to my determination to not carry any debt from the vacation I took in September), but things will be looking up soon. I had my annual review at work today and it went very well and I got a good raise. I knew it would be a good review, as my boss has been saying very complimentary things of late and actually gave me a promotion (more responsibility) a month or so ago. Oddly enough, last night I had a bit of a panic attack and was sure I was going to be nailed to the wall for any number of minor sins (spending too much time online checking TWoP, for example). So, I got double benefit out of the review process -- a positive and encouraging review from my boss and a list of "things I need to work on" from myself. (Better that way than the reverse, eh?)

Also, I am a big fat procrastinator when it comes to NaNoWriMo. I didn't write anything yesterday. The bright side of this one? Today, though I have "wasted" time on the internet (reading back issues of belsum's awesome baby blog, for example), I have (cue dramatic music) not turned on the TV! That's right folks, I have fought the lure of the brain-sucking demon called Television (and it's henchmen, Cable and DVDs) and lived to tell the tale.
So now, I suppose, it's time to get to work. :P


belsum said...

Heh. And now, I happen to be catching up on back issues of yours!

Anonymous said...

I love your roller-coaster blogging... up up up... then, weeee, down it goes, plunging to the depths of despari (you've been a BAD GIRL for not writing enough..) That tendency to pay too much attention to statistics of life (average words per day)... how very much like someone I know..

Anne C. said...

I would agree that for some things, particularly novel writing, I like to have measurable statistics because otherwise how would I know if I'm doing well enough to hit my goal?
With other things, however, I don't need statistics -- when I run for example, I don't keep track of how far I've run or for how long. I don't keep track of my weight and am hard pressed to keep track of my budget! I wouldn't say it's a definite character trait. I just need it for the task at hand.