New Strategy

Last night I tried a new strategy - go to bed when I'm tired. I might be less tired and more productive the next day. I'll let you know how it goes. Tonight I'm also going to try postponing decompressing for later in the evening. Start writing earlier. I don't know how that'll work either, since I'm usually more focused after I've had some down time.

The other thing that's starting to seep in is that my work is seriously affecting my writing schedule right now. Not only is work more stressful than last year and requires more alertness at the office, but I've been working overtime and trying to get the same amount of writing done. I'm supposed to work overtime (unpaid, blast it) this weekend and I'm regularly working an hour of overtime a night. Plus I'm taking home work. I managed to ignore the roll of drawings Monday and Tuesday, but last night I got my "homework" done. I can't postpone tasks like that, since other people's work depends on my checking thier results.

I'm prepared to say that I haven't finished the 50K in 30 days. It may be a fact of life. I'll still finish the novel, maybe even manage to get it published. I'm not willing (yet) to write nonsense for nonsense's sake. For me the goal is not to write 50K words (I know I can do *that*), but to write 50K words reasonably well and enjoy the process. This may not be the month I can do that.
I'm not prepared to throw in the towel yet, and I plan to go down fighting. ;)


Bob said...

One piece of writing advice--don't try and write all 2,000 words at one--just write 20. The one deadline is a great motivator but it can also paralyze you.

(I just finished an 80,000 word book, in about six months-- and kept panicking whenever I thought about word counts.)

Anonymous said...

Keep your head up, you're doing great.