Lunch hour lost

If I were a really diligent writer, I would have written during my lunch hour. Instead, I spent:
15 minutes waiting in the office "kitchen" to heat up my leftovers
6 minutes eating lunch
29 minutes visiting an online forum (catching up on the "general gab" thread and formulating a reply) and various friends' blogs.
9 minutes writing this blog entry.
Pretty sad, eh? Well, hopefully when I get home tonight I will remember how much fun I had writing last night, after I finished procrastinating for a couple hours.
I know common NaNo thought puts the tough writer's block wall at the second (?) week, but for me, if I can get *started* and establish a routine, I'll be good. Last year the first week was the hardest for me. We'll see how this week goes.
Wish me luck.

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