Well, I managed to have a fairly productive day, thank goodness.
This morning I went to a good friend's house, had some good conversation and breakfast before we went outside into the cold to collect some free plants. My friend is a wonderful gardener and she was thinning and relocating some of her plants. She offered some to me and hey, I couldn't turn down free plants, now could I? She gave me some ornamental grasses that I planted on the side of my house next to the alley. She also gave me some flowering plants, hyssop and yarrow, that I planted in front, along with transplanting a similar flowering plant from my backyard to the front. And she gave me some herbs - oregano and chives - that I planted in the backyard. First, however, I had to rake up the enormous amount of leaves that the ash tree in the back yard dumps all over. I couldn't find my big garbage bags (except for one), so I had to pile most of the leaves in a giant heap in the middle of the backyard, ready for when I get some bags.
Having been super industrious, I came inside and after only a little procrastination (surfing the internet and eating a late lunch), I managed to start writing. Now, 6 hours later (5.5 hours of writing, .5 to eat dinner), I have written 2500 words or so. Not bad, not bad at all. I write very slowly, obviously, which is why persistence is so very critical. While I was writing, I was sure I was going slower than I did last year, but when I look back at my records I find that last year was just as slow. Ummm, yay? On the positive side, even though I am running behind where I "should" be (if I were writing the same amount every day), I am doing slightly better than last year at the same time.
Making progress, thank goodness.

Edited to Add: I have to acknowledge my wonderful sidekick, Martin, who has been beside me all the way. Well, except for a couple naps on the fireplace to warm up. :)

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