Simplify simplify simplify

Lately I'd been worried that my prose is becoming too stark. My writing has lacked some descriptive flair that I used to have. I really like metaphors and similes, so sentences would have a lot of "as (blank) as (blank)" or "like" (and not in the valley-girl way). I thought my writing was losing something.
Imagine my relief when I read the following evisceration of a published novel. Many of the flaws the writer is pointing out are ones I've exhibited in the past. These are the traits I thought I was missing. I am forced to admit that they belong in the past because my writing is maturing. WOW.
Need I say editing is my latest passion?
I am really interested to find out if, stripped of all this thesaurusizing, my work will be revealed as well-done.

In the same editing vein, here is an interesting rant against writers who take rejection too personally (not a problem I have, but an interesting read nonetheless). The blog in which it appears is by a couple who happen to be editors at a major science-fiction publisher, and I'm tempted to link to it permenently, but I find it has more partisan politics in its contents than I like to support.

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