Writing Excitement

When I'm at work, I usually have to listen to music (with words) to keep focused on repetative tasks. Oddly enough, it keeps me from thinking, which keeps me off the internet. It occurred to me today that my need to interact with words, either reading or writing them is part of what distracts me. Music and words helps keep it internal so I can continue to draw.
I have *got* to start writing more. Maybe if I siphon off that pressure to write, I'll be able to focus better at work. Maybe it'll just make it worse.
I'm getting really excited about doing the NaNoWriMo. I have a good idea about the story I'll write. I've had the main character floating around for a while. I've designed her spaceship in a class I took. And now a plot is coming into shape. I'm allowed to do some preliminary work on the novel: character development, outlines, etc. but not work on the novel itself.
The website for NaNoWriMo has a beautifully done (by a participant) spreadsheet to track how many words written, how many to go, what your words/hour are and how you are doing compared to the other days you've worked so far. It has lovely charts and
graphs and is very intricate. So, now I'm saved from "wasting" hours doing it myself (as I would undoubtedly do).
Boy, I'm excited!

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