It's a small internet after all...

Wierd coincidence today... I was searching online for stuff related to Buckaroo Banzai (my latest DVD acquisition). I found a chatty post about it on Montykins. I like the look and content of his site. It's attractive and simple to navigate, and he's a reasonably good writer chatting about any number of subjects. The wierd coincidence? The little link on the right for the "Damn Hell Ass Kings". That seems to be a group of online writers and creators that has an uncommonly high number of clever writers:
- I discovered Sars' Tomato Nation some months ago
- I keep an eye on Glark's Glarkware, since he comes up with some pretty cool and off-the-wall designs.
- I have dilly-dallied on Chicklit, but never found the time to explore it completely.
- I am a regular visitor to Television Without Pity, mainly because I like the folks at the "Enterprise" forum.
So, I'm adding Monty and his "Montykins" site to my list of interesting links.
I just love finding interesting sites and seeing how people communicate with them. Somehow I'm going to find a way to make my life more about this kind of communication. Starting with trying to be more faithful about this site and find some time to take it off blogspot and put it on my own url. We'll see how that goes.


Anonymous said...

Fametracker is also worth a look. Another member of the Damn Hell Ass Kings network.

- Reuben

Anne C. said...

Thanks, Reuben. I knew I was forgetting one! Yes, Fametracker is a very cool site as well, with some wickedly accurate assessments of actors' talent and status.