Buzz buzz busy

"So how's things at work?"
"So that's good, right?"
"Uh, yeah." (Except it cuts into my blogging time, darn it!)

Highlights from the past three weeks:
- My soccer team is still undefeated this season. We just won a game against old rivals and beat them 6-5. It was a hard fought game during which the other team made a great comeback, but we managed to score once more to beat them.
- I played golf for the first time. I didn't suck at it, so I'm inclined to play it again. My office had a golf tournament in which everyone was expected to play, golfer or no. Our team had a high (ie. bad) score, from consistently bogeying each hole (it was a "scramble", which meant we pretty regularly picked our one good player's ball). BUT we had fun, and in the end, that's what counts.
- Working some overtime on schematic drawings for a very large project near Fiddlers Green Ampitheater. Now it's on hold and I'm doing construction documents for another building (that I had worked on before *that* was put on hold).

I've been doing a lot of bargain book shopping. I think that's a subject for another day though...

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