Da Boys: Too Damn Cute

I took the kitties to the vet yesterday, just for a little general check up and get-to-know-the-vet visit. They're fine, don't worry. [Audience lets out collective breath.] The best thing? They don't hate me for it! Yippee!
Yep. I'm a sissy. I was worried about my cats avoiding me and not trusting me 'cause I catnapped them and held them down while another human poked and prodded them. Ok, I was really only worried about Martin, 'cause Matti is incapable of holding a grudge.
But they don't hate me and all is well with the world... [a big "HA!" from the audience and anyone who's been preoccupied with politics lately]
I'm putting a new cat picture online and linking it to the pictures section in the right hand column...

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