Weekend Doings

I went to see Team America on Saturday. It was extremely crude and I was laughing/giggling during most of it. As usual with a Parker-Stone production, the songs were the best part. I still have Team America's theme song stuck in my head, and every other song was perfectly satirical ("Freedom costs a buck or five"). I thought they made fun of both extremes of the political spectrum very well. All in all, well worth the price of admission ($7 for a matinee!!!), but caution that it contains many scenes of graphic (puppet) violence, sex, crude language, and just plain gross stuff.
My soccer team is still on a roll. We had another big win today. It was against a team that I consider friendly, but one of the gals asked me "I thought you guys were nice?" To which I answered, "Well, some of us still are." I don't particularly like trash talking, since I think it's pretty unneccessary. Come on people, we're all adults here -- but some of my teammates get wrapped up in the emotions of the moment. Next week, we battle for the top spot in Division D. If we win, we can stay in Division D, but another season (10 weeks) of being on top and we have to move up to Division C.
PS - Haircut went well. I like it. :)

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