Tying up the season

Yesterday we had the final for the current indoor soccer season (don't worry, another season starts in 2 weeks). Our team was ranked first (in Division D) with a 8-0 record. How we went from loss-loss-loss-loss to win-win-win-win is beyond me, but if we have another season like this one, we'll be moving up to the next division and back to losses, I'm sure.
The final was, if not the prettiest soccer we've ever played, was certainly hard fought. The final score, 4-4. They got that last goal to tie in the last 12 seconds of the game. Argh, it was so frustrating. There is no tie breaker, 'cause they need to keep a schedule, but we were considered the winners because the last time we played them, we won.

In anticipation of having to focus on novel writing, I bought a new set of headphones on Amazon today. Crucial, since my previous set is 5 years old and one of the earpieces is broken off so that it's only one sided (handy at work, where one must appear available).

Bum bum bum bum bada bum! The novel challenge approaches! Tremble in fear/anticipation!!

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