Wishful thinking #3

Nicole Kidman Posted by Hello


The Herdsman said...

M'k so I'm not exactly prompt in making this comment and its surely too late for input on the haircut issue, but you know our family ... ALWAYS put your two cents in even when it isn't worth $0.02 I even signed up to do my own blog just so I could comment!

I LOVE Nicky Kidman, she's the quintessential Aussie making good in the LotF. I try not to be distracted by the fact that she was born in Hawaii; SHE considers herself an Aussie and that's what counts.

As for that hairstyle question ... do you mean the style in THIS particular photo?? Its head and shoulders above the other 2 photos (yuk) but its so hard to make out the actual "style" of her cut. Gotta say though that I like this loose and easy style, so I say go for it! But if ya wanna look like Nicky? nah leave that to the Kidman girls!

Anne C. said...

No, I don't actually want to look like any of these women. Even these women don't really look like that without an entourage of eight. I just wish I had the entourage. ;)
Really, I thought these were some exceptional pictures I ran across while looking for haircut photos.