Autumn Banquet

Yesterday, I attended the first annual Autumn Banquet. It was being given in my house by Aileen and Brian (aka my sister and brother in law and houseguests). It was a fantastic success, though the beginning was stalled a bit. All the non-resident guests were stuck in a traffic jam on I-25 for at least an hour. After they got here, however, everything went smoothly. The food was delicious and the table settings much admired. Everyone knows each other, so the talk was very "unfettered". Aileen got us so full of good food, we were helpless when she brought out the boardgames. We played a great game of Taboo, which ended around 11 or 11:30. That was also the end of the party. Next year's event is already much anticipated.

PS - Reuben's site is giving me a serious inferiority complex. He's gettin' all nihilistic or existential (yes, I know they're opposites, but I couldn't decide which one) on us. Me feel dumb. Me not write stuff of consequence.


Anonymous said...

Ha. I can't decide which, either. But if you're getting ANYTHING out of the crap I've been writing lately, hooray.

Banquet sounds nice.


Anne C. said...

Oh, I didn't say I was actually getting your posts. I just assumed they were totally over my head. ;)