Farmtown News

Recent conversation at Farmtown (dramatization)
Natalie: Your pigs like me!
Anne: Are you sneaking them treats? They're not supposed to have junkfood.
Natalie: I'm feeding them donuts!
Anne: And Cheetoes, I bet.
Natalie: Yeah! The crunchy kind.
Natalie: Crunchy Cheetoes, not crunchy donuts.
[After which we devolved into much LOLing and promises to capture this image with Photoshop]

I added a water feature to my rose garden. I really like it!
Man alive, do I wish my real garden was that easy to take care of.


neurondoc said...

The best part was when one of your pigs went to sleep in the river.

Nathan said...

I'm way too greedy to give up crop space for rivers.

Karen said...

I LOVE the pigs with Cheetoh faces, how did you do that?

Anne C. said...

Screenshot, touched up with a little orange "airbrush" with Photoshop.