Weekend of Fun

- Jen A is here! Yayayayayayayayayayayay! She's sleeping in and I'm working a half day. This afternoon, I'll give her a tour of Denver - stopping at any gelaterias we happen to stumble across. Yum, gelato!

- Jen A and I had what seemed like days of fun packed into an afternoon and an evening. We went to lunch (had ritzy tacos), ate gelato (Jen loved hers: half Lemon Almond Poppyseed, half bittersweet chocolate), walked around downtown Denver, looked at my current buildings, looked at my old building, and browsed in Tattered Cover (spent money, of course). I took Jen by my old digs in Capitol Hill, and then made it to the Savory Spice Shop just in time. Then, we headed back to the house for a little respite before heading out again for dinner at a sushi place at 32nd and Lowell. We actually had only one sushi roll (caterpillar = eel + avocado), but decided instead on a seared Ahi tuna salad, which was delicious! Finally, we headed home again for a little Farmtown laboring (hopefully Jen has been convinced that FT is a black hole for time) and sleepytime.
- Now, I'm getting regular text updates from Michelle, letting me know about their progress, or lack thereof.

Late Friday:
- Michael and Michelle are stuck in Charlotte for the night, so I'll be picking them up tomorrow morning. Pleasure delayed! :/

Sunday Morning:
- Janiece and I met Michael and Michelle at the airport with signs that said "Drunken Trollop (and Escort)" much to the amusement of the people around us. Then, we hung out at a nice outdoor table (Did you know there were outdoor tables at the DIA terminal? We didn't.) until Jeri's plane got in. Then, we hung out at Janiece's until we decided to go to the mall to check out The Walking Company, a shoe store that Janiece had suggested to Michelle (who is a great walker). We also checked out some other places, including Aldo, Aldo Accessories, Sephora, Borders, and Papyrus. I managed to walk out of Papyrus without buying anything (only the large numbers of cards I bought the other day at Tattered Cover stopped me). Borders, I managed to keep purchased down to a minimum.
Then, we went back to Janiece's for a little R&R&I time (that's rest, relaxation, and internet). Once refreshed, we went to Junz (which I LOVE) and had a divine dinner. Only a few of us had sushi, the rest had yummy dishes ranging from a (slightly) spicy seafood pasta to beef and salad. The Chilean sea bass was also a popular choice. I also found out that Junz has an awesome chocolate creme brulee. Great. Now I know they have two delicious desserts there - how am I supposed to pick? A wonderful time was had by all.

- Scheduled for today: the SPA! (or, if you are of the masculine persuation, computer games!

Sunday Afternoon:
- Ah... We're all relaxed now. Mmmmm... And the boys are blowing up Nazis on "Company of Heroes." A different kind of relaxation, but no less valid.

Monday Morning:
Check out Janiece's blog for photos of the weekend! :D

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