For Your Entertainment

Trollopalooza is done (fab photos on Janiece's blog), and I am sad to see my friends leave. I had too short a time with all of them! :(
I will be going to the east coast, probably in the spring to see Jen and Michelle and Michael. Then, I'll have to go visit Jeri, probably at the same time as visiting my sister, Karen. :)

Now, I can focus on the mountain of work that needs to be accomplished by the end of the week. Yip. Ee.

In the meantime, here is something fascinating for your browsing pleasure:
Enertia Bike - an electric motorcycle
How much? $12-15K


The Mechanicky Gal said...

Threadjack alert!
The Katz couldn't have been LESS INTERESTED in the freeze-dried mousies. Or the rabbit, OR the Bonito.
Or any of the samples that were sent.
I guess the neighbor dogs get the treats......
Although I do have to say that it was the longest that Gray Kitteh had sniffed anything....

Charley said...

Safe travels to the east coast! It's SO humid out this way, bring a travel umbrella for what have become daily thunderstorms!

Anne C. said...

MG, I'll send you some of the freeze dried shrimp that Martin currently likes (he used to like the mice, but now doesn't seem to). Also, try giving some to them when they are hungry (not just begging for treats).

Thanks for the good wishes, Charley. It'll be a while before I even start planning my trip. For now it's something to look forward to.

Karen said...

I have to admit, you caught me asleep at the wheel (or at least not keeping up with your blog and then not going back far enough to see myself mentioned). All's well now that I've resurfaced from school-related submersion. We would LOVE to have you visit. Just say when. We'll be well-installed in the new digs by then :)