Farmer Fail

For those who expressed jealousy over my fabu lunch on Thursday ("Lunch: Yummy buffalo sandwich with provolone, mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil, greens, thyme, blue cheese aioli, and olive oil, on wheat.") --

I am eaten up with envy that you guys have gotten to explore the fun new features of Farmtown! I keep getting hints about how cool it is. I had to work late yesterday and managed to get on Facebook (and therefore read people's comments about the new coolness), but because my computer lacks Flash and I lack the administrator powers over my work computer, I was unable to get onto FT.
My sister saved the day and logged on as me, hiring out the harvesting and plowing, so that none of the crops rotted.
But late yesterday was followed by an early day today, so I still haven't gotten onto FT to check out the new features.

Gloat all you like, fellow Farmtowners. I'm going to do my best to get on tonight. :D


Mummy Grabill said...

Happy to help!

Love my word verification this time around . . . "turder" . . . anyone want to think of a cool definition for this word? I was thinking:
Turder: The murder of the Tard of the Week. (of course, the news headline would be this: Turder: Heinous crime or sacrifice for the greater good?)

neurondoc said...

It was nice to meet up and hang out at your farm last night.

I can buy rivers and watermills now. Just waiting for the current harvest to come in, and then it's redecoration time!!!. And it's still your fault. :-)

Janiece said...


Mummy Grabill made a funny!