Party Time

Yesterday: mowed lawn, gathered recipes, sent invitations
- I put the ingredients for the pulled pork in the slow cooker on schedule. Next, groceries.
- Groceries done and liquor restocked. Next, put together the quinoa salad and sangria.

As usual, I got too busy to update the blog.
I finished putting together the sangrias (white and red) and the quinoa salad and marking the time as very late (getting close, too close, to the anticipated beginning of the party), I immediately began the vacuuming. I was just finishing up that task when my first guests arrive. One of them was my cousin, Susan, who is always so helpful in the kitchen. We tidied the kitchen table and Susan helped me finished the pulled pork and make the hummus (it is SO quick).
I lost track of the time as other guests arrived, including my parents, siblings and their spouses, Stacey and JR, and Janiece and her SmartMan. It was a potluck, so there were many tasty dishes, including potato salad, a spinach salad, three fruit salads, three dips (guacamole, dill dip, and my hummus) with various chips and crackers. The dessert was a delicious blueberry pie.
We had a lovely time. The guests all knew each other to some extent, with a few minor exceptions, so conversation flowed easily. Those whose temperment is less social amused themselves by simply listening or by playing with Matti and Martin. I got around to talking to most of the guests and hostess duties were pretty light. I do like the potluck style parties for easy and informal get togethers, but there's something fun about providing everything your guests need, so I don't think I'll give up formal dinners. There's a time and a place for everything. :)

Thank you to all my guests for the wonderful entertainment and tasty food you provided! We should do it again some time soon. :)


Stacey said...

We had a wonderful time! Thanks for inviting us.

neurondoc said...

Hey -- how come I wasn't invited? :-P

Anne C. said...

It was short notice. I didn't think you'd be able to get a flight that quick. ;)

Jeri said...

Sounds like a totally lovely party! And I like the fun of a potluck too, especially when everyone coming can cook well. :)