Busy Weeks

A week ago, I stated that I was beginning a program of social expansion (aka joining meetup.com and match.com, with the intention of meeting people, not corresponding). The first interested fellows had to wait to meet me until this week because last weekend I already had plans with family and friends. Interestingly enough, though my "dance card" is full, it's not just meeting guys. I'm determined that I will not lose touch with my existing friends. On Wednesday, I met one guy for drinks (nice fellow) and Thursday, went to a women's group gathering. (It was very freeing, actually. I was reminded of some personal guiding principles I had forgotten I use.)
Tonight and this weekend I'm meeting three other fellows (drinks, a movie, and a hike), having dinner with Janice and her Smart Man, and going to a Jazz and BBQ in the Park thing with friends.
This isn't to say I won't be available for spontaneous outings, but if you want my guaranteed attendance, you'd better give me a heads up.
I'll try and keep you entertained with stories of my whirlwind life without resorting to the scoreboard (sorry Nathan!).


Nathan said...

That's horribly unsporting of you.

Tania said...

Hey, she's busy on the 29th, and it's all my fault!

I'm going to Denver for a conference, and I get to hang with Anne and Janeice for part of the day. W00t!!1!!

Random Michelle K said...


Not to sound like a mommy, but (I'm going to sound like a mommy) be careful in the woods with strange men.

(Men in masks are not to be trusted.)

belsum said...

Sounds like fun! Should I say that I'm proud of you, or is that corny?

Anne C. said...

You may say anything complimentary you wish. ;)

Anonymous said...

Have a great real-life social whirl! It's a wonderful problem to have. :D

Mummy Grabill said...

Yes - in line with what Michelle said - I once went on a hike on a 2nd date with a strange man. Later when he was my boyfriend (and now my husband) he chastises me for doing so since "he could have been a creep!" and "what was I thinking going out in the wilderness with a strange man!?!"

Anne C. said...

I appreciate your concern, all. I'll share a few things I've thought about:
- Easily accessible (usually in the foothills) hikes in Colorado are rarely in the wilderness and are generally populated by other hikers and thier babies/dogs/overweight grandmothers.
- I'm actually more concerned about a guy slipping a "roofie" in my drink than being jumped on a hike. (Don't worry, I'm pretty aware of how to avoid the "roofie" danger.)
- The guy I'm going hiking with I'm meeting first for coffee, so I'll have a chance to use the Creep Scanner on him.

Thanks for your concern, Moms! ;)

John the Scientist said...

You can also konw that "Dad" over here is cleaning his .45 Glock on the kitchen table.

"So, where are you going tonight?"


"Did you know this magazine holds 13 rounds?"


"Well, when are you going to be back tonight?"


Yes, my daughter is going to hate me when she turns 32. Er, 16.

John the Scientist said...

"can also let them know"


Anne C. said...

Heh. :)
One of my prepared statements if physically threatened is:

"I have two very close friends who own guns and would happily use them if something happened to me. So you might want to reconsider your actions."

Jim Wright said...

As a general rule, if the guy shows up wearing a hockey mask and leather apron and carrying a chainsaw - you might want to avoid extended hikes with him.

...Because, see, he's a woodturner and he's only going hiking with you so he'll have somebody to help carry cut up logs out of the wilderness...and he'll probably ask you to carry the gas can and those things are heavy


Stacey said...

John, I used the same concept with my daughter, now 24, and it worked well. Also used, "see how my daughter looks? If you bring her back in any other condition, I will ship you back to your momma in an envelope." This applies to my girlfriends dates as well. Don't mess with my friends.

Anne C. said...

Heh. If said woodturner offered to make a cool bowl for my gas-can-carrying efforts, I'd definitely consider it. Depending on the size of the can... those things can be heavy!

Never let it be said I'm not a fan of wood. ;)