Monday Morning Fun

Monday mornings aren't generally considered to be the best hours of the week (unless, of course, you are a work-a-holic and love your job, but in that case, did you really stop working on the weekend?) so here are a couple of fun website (courtesy of Nathan) to get your week started in a more positive fashion:

- Be Jackson Pollock (hint: move your mouse and try clicking)

- Cool european designs (hint: give it a moment after it loads)

Now get back to work!

PS: This is my first try at a "scheduled" (in the future) post. Looking forward to see how it works...

PPS: I fixed the first link. Apparently I can't spell.


Unknown said...

Well, I LOVED the second link. I tried the first, but couldn't find what you wanted us to find viz entertainment. Perhaps the crappy connection with my server (because of massive storms) had something to do with that.

Anne C. said...

I misspelled the first link, so it should be working now. However, I'm trying the link as we speak, and it's not loading right. I'm not sure if that's me or the server.
Keep trying! Maybe it'll be Monday Afternoon Fun. ;)

Nathan said...

Thanks for the shout out, but I can't take credit. The first one, I stole from SubTropicalGal (credited in my post), and the second came from MWT in the comments.


MWT said...

Ah, excellent. The fun spreads. ;)