Proud as...

This photo is of a carving in the painted palace at the Gwalior Fort. I love it. I'm not sure exactly what about it, but the elegance of the shape is wonderful to look at. Don't you think? :)


Max Cutrell said...

A Peacock!

Unknown said...

hmmm! A peacock! (with finger pointing upward)

Nathan said...

Heyyyyy! Guess who I got a post card from today. What an excellent surprise.

(for the cluless, the picture is of Khas Mahal)

(That's in India)

(Where Anne just returned from)

What's the matter with you people. The post card was from Anne. How cool is that?

Thanks Anne.

Anne C. said...

You're welcome. :)
I was glad Michelle had gotten some of the UCF addresses so I might include you guys in my postcards.