In Praise of Fathers

When I was in India, my wonderful dad (pictured above with his sister) came and took care of my house and kitties. He did a great job. The cats were happy and healthy when I got back and the house was in one piece. Yay!
He has been a wonderful father and taught me a lot about being true to yourself and your ideals.

I think I speak for all his children when I say "Thank you, Daddy, for all you've done for us."

While not all of my friends have excellent fathers (and thrived in spite of it), my friend MWT's put up a great post: Butter Pecan


Jim Wright said...

Hey, speaking of India - I got your postcard yesterday. Woohoo! First time I've gotten a card from India, very cool. Thank you and thanks for taking time out of your trip to write.

Happy Father's Day.

vince said...

MWT's post was very touching, and yours was very sweet. Happy Father's Day to all fathers.

Anne C. said...

As always, it was my pleasure, Jim.

You sound like a pretty awesome dad yourself. So thank you, on behalf of the next generation.

Thanks, Vince!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post about your dad - and how great he was able to watch your place for you! Happy father's day to him!