A Respite From the Storm

A few postponements and a cancellation has yielded me mostly free evenings this week. Yay! I have sat out on the patio and read two of the nights, talked to my dad on the phone one evening, as well as getting some much needed household chores done. (Bel, I ate leftovers the other nights or went out with a friend for a quick bite and a drink. No shame in frozen pizza, especially for a mom!) This weekend (aside from seeing Tania and Janiece), I should have some time to work on a house project I have simmering on the back burner. Life is good to me.

(I almost wrote a long post about my dating strategy, but decided it would be better approached in a "post mortem" style discussion, so I'm saving it for later. :)

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belsum said...

Awww, hugs and kisses to you my dear.