By Reader Request

My mum requested a picture of my building (not those closeup photos of previous work related posts) from a distance so everyone can see the whole thing.
As you can see, we're approaching completion. The little orange box on the right is the "man and materials hoist" that we will have until the elevators are up and running. The only major missing item that you can see in this view is the aluminum grilles that will go into the openings in the parking garage (the masonry base).
Local folks can find this at the intersection of 20th and Lincoln.


Random Michelle K said...

What's the deal with curvy roofs? It seems like half the new buildings I'm seeing around here have them.

Do they just look cool? Or do they do something interesting, like reduced wind resistance, or no snow build-up or something like that?

Anne C. said...

Michelle, it's because it looks "cool." Actually here in Denver, it actually has a chance of doing that because there is only one other tall building (called, informally, The Cash Register Building) that has a curved roof.
Other than that, it is a pain in the butt to build and is therefore expensive.
It's generally seen on smaller buildings and not on tall ones because it really screws with your window washing systems (a big deal on skyscrapers). Again, expensive.
Another reason why most developers don't build curved roofs.

Anonymous said...

It's very pretty - I'd imagine it feels great to be nearing the end. As a PM I really like the feeling of accomplishment of finishing a big project - but in your case you're building something tangible, that can be touched, lived, worked in and will last for decades, centuries. That's pretty cool. Is this your first project of that scale?

My end result is essentially code running on chips, and may include boxes and IP circuits that will be obsolete in 5-10 years. ;) I've always considered IT to be a Chinese fire drill of an industry.

Unknown said...

The new angle on the building is very nice. Thanks for posting it.

belsum said...

Very, very cool.

MWT said...

Neato. :)