Review: Sweeney Todd

Now that is a black comedy. (No, not one with African Americans in it.)

The production is well done - a trifle heavy on the gray and black, but I expected no less from Tim Burton. All the actors sang their own parts, and did a great job. My friend, Stacey, raved about the Sondheim music. I'm not sure how the movie compares to the stage version.

If you have a weak stomach, I don't recommend it. It's graphically violent and the violence is not glorified or made pretty in any way. Those in our group who were not turned off by the throat cutting were turned off by... well, we'll call it the bodies hitting the floor.

The gratuitous romance was what turned me off. One of those love at first sight things. Blehgh.

All in all, it was a weird movie that you would appreciate if you like Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, musicals, or death.


Anonymous said...

My musical-mad son wanted to see it but it was never playing within about 90 minutes of my home. We'll have to get the DVD instead.

Mummy Grabill said...

I'm glad I stayed home to watch Jane Austen flicks instead. :-)