The Day After, AKA Testing Day

Anyone who has drunk more than they should have will know what I'm going to say next:
I woke up feeling crappy.
I usually drink enough water before leaving the bar (and therefore stop drinking alcohol, obviously) to be safe to drive. This generally means I'm hydrated enough to avoid a hangover the next day. I did the same thing this time, but somehow did not pass the hydration threshold to avoid a hangover.
Amazingly, I managed to get out of the house by the time I had planned and got to the testing agency early. I finished reading about elevators and escalators (not that I ended up needing to know much about them, only one question and I didn't even know the answer).
I'm sure you all are tired of hearing this, but I really don't know how I did on the test. I could have passed. I could have failed. I studied, but it covered such a wide range of subjects, I would have had to study for months to cover all the material even though there was maybe an average of three or four questions on each subject. So, I had to rely on my experience much more than any other of the tests. Sounds good, right? It's only good if my experience is wide enough to be applied generally. So, we'll see. One interesting thing was how many questions there were about "green building" (environmentally conscious design and construction).
When I left the exam, I was feeling pretty frustrated (I really hate these exams), but I spotted my rubber duckie (a keychain duck my mum gave me. It's a reminder to step back and get perspective. Long story.) and decided it was no big deal if I fail, I just take it again. I just hope that I don't have to. Two or three weeks and I'll have the results -- just a week or so before I take the eighth test.


Shawn Powers said...

I do not envy your test taking. At all. Hopefully the numb (dead?) brain cells weren't the ones that knew what they were doing. :)

MWT said...

Glad to hear you survived. :)

Anne C. said...

Hee! I hope those brain cells weren't critical ones either.

Thanks for your support, guys. :)

Janiece said...

Anne, when you are all done, I am so taking you out to celebrate on behalf of the rest of the FooeyU crowd!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Glad you've conquered yet another test. (I'm assuming the positive for you)

It sounds like you had a fun night out, and that stress relief was probably better for you than a night spent anxiously going over notes.

Good luck on the next one!

Anne C. said...

Thanks, Janiece, I look forward to it!

Listening to Jeri's positive wishes, I was thinking how similar it feels to all the other times I've taken these tests. I go in, having studied (hopefully enough to pass), come out thinking it's a 50/50 split, you guys saying "You'll do fine!", me saying "I don't know, I was there, it was hard!" and then I pass.
So, I hope this is a trend! ;)

belsum said...

I'm sure you did awesome darlin'. You rock!