Fun With Cookies

I was having my dinner (minestrone, made from a packet -- economizing) I heard a banging on the door and I jumped up to see who it was. I rarely have unexpected guests. Turns out it was a late runing UPS man. Cool!
He brought me my post-Christmas treat - cooke cutters. Not those standard Christmas ones, though I did buy a set of those that I admired. I wanted cookie cutters for springtime because it's my favorite season. So, I went to the cookie cutter site that I bought my sister's Christmas gift at. They have lots of different shapes. So, here's what I got:

It's basically a bunch of springtime shapes. Bugs and the frog are obviously a bit of a stretch, but for whatever reason, I think of spring when I see them -- maybe because spring is when these things come back. Plus, I love the variety of bugs.
However, when looking for the above, I saw some appropriate for tea parties (which I plan to do more of):

And because I'm a geek I couldn't resist these two:

I don't know when I'll use them, but I had to get them.

I'll post pictures of actual cookies when I make them, but I'm enormously pleased with these. :)


Stacey said...

Those are some pretty spiffy cookie cutters! Being a cookie cutter specialist, it was nice to see the size of the cutters as sometimes they are too small to determine once made into a cookie. I love the crown and will have to get on the website and order that one to add to our Christmas Cookie weekend in Houston. I would be happy to offer my services to taste said cookies alluded to in your post :0
Have a great day!

Anne C. said...

Whew~ that's a relief. I thought I might have to eat them all myself. ;)

BTW, you might check with Aileen to see if she wants to get the football shaped cookie cutter from the same place.

Unknown said...

I'm glad to see you were able to find the Christmas cookie cutters you were looking for. I love the rocket and the bike. You can make those cookies for me. By the by, Margaret says she finally had to throw away her Jesus cookie. She tried to save the sandals but was unable to do so. :-)

Anne C. said...

It tickles me that Margaret's favorite part was the sandals. Tell her not to worry about throwing him away. He'll return in three days. ;)