On a Bender

I went to a coworker's "going away" party at the local bar. I meant to stay an hour, at the most. I think it was more like 3, almost 4.
A little background: Before I moved to CO, I had very tame friends. We got together and, at worst, indulged in a bit of a sugar high (marshmallow creme, of course). Then, after I moved to CO, I got into a "wild" (read normal American) crowd who drank liquor and beer. Being a "big" (read taller than average and having a decent proportion of muscle mass) girl, I learned that I could drink a reasonable amount and still be able to function pretty well. Good thing, since I don't like beer and prefer liquor/mixed drinks.
It's been a while since those days, however. My friends have babies now, which obviously precludes them drinking as much as they used to. The ones that don't have babies have either decided to scale back on the pending alcoholism or drink in other venues. So, I haven't gone out drinking in a long while. (FS and I used to go "out for a drink" once in a while, but as I rarely had more than two, it barely qualified.)
This evening, on the the company dime, we had a nice group outing. I drank enough that I got to the toasty "generous feelings towards everyone in the entire universe phase," but not so much that I couldn't walk and talk coherently. I had forgotten what a comfy feeling it is. It's a really good thing Former Squeeze wasn't there, because I probably would have taken him home, all sense and logic to the contrary.
And now, still feeling a bit buzzy, I have to finish the chapter on "Vertical Transportation (blah blah, elevators and escalators)" before the exam tomorrow morning.

Wheeeee! ;)

(PS - Only one misspelling in the whole post. :P)

(PPS - This reminds me of an email my family and I got from my brother in his first year or two of college when he wrote about the benefits of drinking, while obviously under the influence. I don't think it started, "Drinking, you know, is really underrated. I mean..." But it was almost that bad. Am I right, familia?)


Stacey said...

Vertical Transportation...hmmm...how appropriate.

Good Luck today!!!!!!!!

We will celebrate tomorrow since you are not driving ;0

Janiece said...

Good luck on your exam!

And the not taking FS home? Good plan. Yeah, drinking and dialing = Bad.

Laura F. said...

I hope all went well with the exam!!!

Mummy Grabill said...

LOL - I remember that email from Max!!! Hee heee hee he . . . still makes me giggle. :-)

belsum said...

Yeah, I never was a big drinker because I had...other things. But then I grew out of that and, well, wine is legal.