Update on Ruth

I went to see my aunt Ruth this morning and she's doing much much better. She has been supported on all sides, from her son, Dan, and her nephew, Gregg, to her niece, Priscilla, and all the people who love her. Thanks to all who contributed thoughts or prayers for her well-being. She still has a ways to go yet, before her energy and capabilities are up to normal, but she seemed to be doing well when I was there.
We talked about our different current challenges and shared words of love for each other. She is such a special, shining light in the world, I'm glad she's decided to stay a while longer. She has a new theme in her life, butterflies, no doubt because of her feelings of transformation through these difficulties.

(In looking for a graphic to accompany this post, I ran across the above picture. It's from a quilting website, and since I know there are a couple quilters out there, I thought I'd include a link. AND it's from Australia! Cool. Here's the main page and here's another gorgeous butterfly pattern.)


Janiece said...

Yay, Aunt Ruth!

Stacey said...

I'm so glad that she is doing well and the butterfly image is beautiful. Knowing her penchant for purple, I'm sure she'd love it.