You Calvinballers are F-ing Crazy

In case no one noticed, it's crazy day here on the Intertoobs.
Normal people (and I use the term loosely), you may either pay no attention to the lunatics, or join in the antics. Rules for "Hijack Day" (tm Nathan) are here. I do admit to absolutely loving Calvin and Hobbes, so anything that bears a resemblance to their game has got to be OK in my book.

Obviously, I chose a bad day to turn off the computer and get some studying done. I learned a decent amount about mechanical systems, lighting, and electricity, but missed out on the early hours of Hijack Day (tm). The temperatures were in the high 50s, so I also got out my bike (The Machine) and went to Stacey's for a little Birthday Brunch celebration for Aileen (aka Grabill Family). It's her third birthday celebration, so she's well into her birthday week. It was all very tasty (frittatas, bacon, potatoes, deviled eggs, fresh berries, and Mimosas or Bloody Marys) and the company was, as always, eggcellent. ;)

Speaking of the bike, I've come to the sad realization that I'm going to have to keep the "starter bike" for another year and wait until my car is paid off to buy my dream bike. I'll still go out and test drive some bikes over the summer, but what with refinancing, I'm pretty sure I won't have the available income to afford a better bike yet. However, The Machine is a lovely (if well-aged) vehicle with great gas mileage and enough get-up-and-go to manage the interstate, so it won't be a bad year.

Now, in the spirit of Hijack Day (tm), I believe I must post something controversial in order to get people talking. Well, I'll do one better. I'll post several controversial questions, so that not only do you have to find the answer somewhere else, you have to figure out which question people are responding to. So there!
("Normal people" feel free to post here about whatever you want, PPBBBTTT :P to Nathan and his rules.) We shall return to normal operating procedure at 12:00 GMT tomorrow.

Here are the questions:
- Should Bill Watterson have sold off subsidiary rights for (or at least permitted) Calvin and Hobbes spin off merchandise? I've heard rationales that claim that if he permitted legal images of Calvin, you wouldn't see as many illegal Calvin (pissing or praying) images on vehicles. Is he to blame?
- Simpsons or South Park: which TV show is more brilliant in its skewering of current issues? Who would win in a Simpsons vs. South Park cage match?
- Should I really be practical about buying my next motorcycle, or should I throw practicality to the proverbial wind?
- How many birthday celebrations are too many? Is a birthday week overdoing it, or is it the best thing since sliced bread?
- Is Mac really The Second Coming (tm)? How can an inveterate PCer avoid going to hell?
- Is Anne really going to look for answers for all these questions, or is she just trying to throw a hammer (no, not a wrench) into the intricate workings of Nathan's organized chaos?

Here, for your convenience, are a list of participating blogs:
The Blog of Siram
Stonekettle Station
The Brain of Shawn
Hot Chicks Dig Smart Men
Random (but not really)
Smug Puppies
Snavely's Web Log
Who am I to Say
and the source of the crazy:
Nathan is Polybloggimous

Enjoy, and I'll see you on the other side!


MWT said...

I like eggs too.

And Nathan? *FOOM!*

Tom said...

I am officially disowning Michelle K! The Patriots not sportsmanlike? Hmmmph!

OK, I'm back. Sorry, Michelle, the ASI index just increased slightly in my vicinity.

A week from now and I'll be completely normal. Well, what passes for normal in my household. My cats might dispute any semblance or normalcy.

Random Michelle K said...



Thank you Anne C

Janiece said...

I've had visitors from ten other countries in the last couple days, but that's not unusual for me. The name of my blog tends to create search results that aren't even close to what I'm actually writing about. Which of course I didn't think about when I named the thing.

And Mm...Cookies.

Random Michelle K said...

And now Tom doesn't know who the man in black is?

What strange company have I fallen into?

"Goodnight Westley. I'll likely kill you in the morning."

"Have you ever considered piracy? You'd make a wonderful Dread Pirate Roberts."

Anonymous said...

Pink is the new color for herrings. Red is so passe'.

MWT said...

Hmm... I'm glad nobody is calling pine cones lame. ;) (Either that or I just haven't found it yet...)

Nathan said...

I've got fake Germans or Dutch or something on my blog.

Random Michelle K said...

If something untoward were to happen to me, I want something the lines of an Irish funeral.

Lots of drinking and eating and laughing and telling stories of all the stupid stuff I've done.

But mostly lots of laughing. Because that's how I want people to think of me--making people laugh.

Janiece said...

Michelle said "poo on you!"


Random Michelle K said...


You're ALIVE!

Sorry you're having such a crappy day.

Tom said...

Anne, I thing I may have gotten that wrong. I was chortleing about my post which you seemed to appreciate. Mimosas, and Stay C.

I'm such a noob to this on-line community stuff. All these new thing to learn which you guys already know. Oh well, nothing for it except to plod through and catch up to y'all.

Shawn Powers said...

Nathan, I appreciate you. I might elect you as president. Or as oatmeal...

I think I've been out in the sun too long... RAAAAAAAAA!

Max Cutrell said...

- No
- SP
- Practical
- Birthday Month
- No
- who cares.

belsum said...

Diggity Dang. All I know is that Mr. b loves how Calvin's dad tells him lies. "That's classified; I can't tell you."

Anne C. said...

I love Calvin's parents. You can see where he gets his imagination.