If Life Were A Movie

Sometimes I feel like a speedbump in other people's lives, one of those secondary characters who just makes a short appearance in the movie to fill in a gap, like that girl that the hero is unhappily dating before he meets the heroine (re: every romantic comedy ever made - except Addicted to Love, which is delightfully screwy).

Then again, to the cats, I'm like Batman's butler, Alfred. Trusty ol' Alfred, who feeds them twice a day, fills their water bowl and their dry food bowl, and (of course) cleans their potty. (Actually, as a tangent, I've been meaning to describe how utterly freakin' cute it is when the cats are lying next to me and they reach out one paw to apparently keep physical contact with me. It's adorable.)

And, during family gatherings, I'm the comedy relief. Like Jar Jar Binks. Ok, not Jar Jar. How about Mr. Collins? Mmmm... closer, but still not flattering. Ah, I know -- Barf the Mog or The Waco Kid.

I guess I'm a lot of different characters to different people. I don't really think of myself as the hero of my own story though. And if I were, it'd be something like Pee Wee's Big Adventure. I'm searching for something, I just don't know where it is. Plus, it's got the right mix of drive and absurdity. Even Pee Wee didn't get to be the hero of his own movie. I guess I should start practicing, "Mr. Herman. Mr. Herman. You have a telephone call at the front desk."

Who do I aspire to be? Well, Laura Croft wouldn't be too shabby.

How will it all turn out? I have no idea. Tune in next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel!


Stacey said...

I think you don't give yourself enough credit. I wouldn't use the term "speedbump"; it sounds like you are just in the way. Why not "interlude" it sounds much more interesting and fun - just like you! Funny, I thought Max was the comic relief ;)
I don't know what I'm searching for in certain areas of my life either. Sometimes life feels like it has no purpose and then something happens and I realize I was just resting up for the big task ahead that I had no idea was coming. Sometimes I feel full of purpose and life and sometimes, just sometimes, life is just putting one foot in front of the other slogging through the day.
In any event, I am glad to be in this movie called Life, supporting role of otherwise, ('cause JR is really the hero of my life) and am glad to find interludes where I can enjoy all my varied and different friends who fill my life with joy, all for different reasons.
And now, back to your regularly scheduled program...

Janiece said...

Anne, you'll find your purpose, whatever that may be. Then we can dispense with the speedbump analogies. Now that I've met you, I can honestly say I can't see you as anyone's speedbump.

Anne C. said...

Awww... Thank you, guys! I try not to put my low moments out there, but it's lovely that when I do, you guys are there to refute it.

Stacey, Max is the wise-ass. Kinda like Han Solo -- too cool to be "comic relief."

Stacey said...

ok, you got me with Hans Solo....Can't wait to see you tonight