Rainy Nirvana

I'm so glad I hadn't decided to go anywhere to see fireworks yesterday. I was sitting at home, reading and watching soccer and then I heard the rain start. It was a lovely drenching rain. I pulled a chair over to the sliding door and opened it up so I could enjoy the sound and smells of the rain as I read. When the kitties came over to join me, I opened up the screen door as well. Of course, they had to go out. Martin did a little at first, venturing only as far as the roof overhang protected him. Then Matti showed up and decided that it would be better under the tree. He dashed out (I didn't move, since I predicted the outcome) and made it to the trees. Martin tried to follow, but only made it to the far side of the porch before deciding that no, this wasn't any fun. He dashed back. Not two seconds behind him was Matti dashing back. Turned out the rain was coming through the leaves. Anyone who knows cats knows that Matti's next move was to ask to be petted. In the cat world, humans are paw-warmers, food-getters, and fur-dryers. As a domesticated human, of course I complied with the request. So, they settled down by the door to watch outside from the comfort of the house. A couple times Matti ventured out, but never went outside the wind shadow of the house. This picture was taken after I closed the screen door to cut down on a bit of the cool air.
What with the feline entertainment, good book, and lovely rainy weather, I had a perfect evening!

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