And so it begins...

Here's the first of many panoramas I intend to take of the project I'm working on. As you can see, they've started to push dirt around and drill piers.
I've started going to coordination meetings, which are very interesting. I'm also starting to go to OAC (owner-architect-contractor) meetings which are scary as crap. There is a lot of money being handed around and mistakes can be costly. I feel very inexperienced at the OAC meetings. The coordination meetings are better. In them, I get to solve problems with the engineers and contractors. There are fewer bigwigs, so things are a bit more relaxed.
I am trying hard to keep a positive outlook on this project, despite the challenges we are experiencing now and will face in the future.

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Anne C. said...

Someone asked me in an email which direction this is being taken. I thought I might give a bit better description of where it is:

Looking due north
On 20th Ave between Welton and Lincoln
Downtown Denver
North America
THE Solar System
THE Galaxy
THE Universe