Gender Marketing

I noticed this in Costco on Wednesday. It was disturbing to say the least:

They are two different *packaging* versions marketed according to gender. I'm nearly positive that the disk itself is the same. The "Buttercup Edition" has a picture of Wesley and Buttercup on the front and text about the lovestory on the back. The "Dread Pirate Edition" has a picture of the masked Wesley and text about the adventure story on the back. True, the DVDs are not labelled "Boys" and "Girls" versions, but they nearly well did. Frankly, I'd rather have the boys version and there's nothing askew with my femininity. Take that [rude gesture] gender stereotypes!


belsum said...

I bought the Dread Pirate version for a female friend's birthday present. Who would want anything else?!

Aileen said...

Very clever marketing strategy! It actually kind of plays up to the joke in the movie where the little boy thought it was a "kissing book" but his grandpa convinced him it was an adventure story! I'm with you though, I'd like the Dread Pirate version as well. :-)