Not My Day

Today I turned on my personal computer and got the dreaded blue screen. It seemed to indicate that it was new hardware or software that was causing the problem. I managed to get Windows to open properly and I uninstalled McAfee, the only "new" (just updated) software or hardware I have. I didn't want to reinstall without knowing if I would just be creating the same conditions that caused the problem last time. So, I got online to ask "Tech Support". Chimps with 5 buttons for 5 questions, more likely. After waiting forever to get a person on the chat line, I went in prepped with all the info I had been told I needed to answer this sort of question. (I had found a page through a search that listed all the pieces of info I needed, but nothing about what to do after I found the info.)
Anyway, the chimp eventually told me that they're working on the issue and should have a corrected version in 3-4 days. Hmm... methinks someone wants off the line. "Yeah, uh... they're 'working' on it. Come back in a few days and it'll be all better." BAH!
While all this was going on, I was trying to record something that I had on DVR to VCR, except I couldn't figure out how I had set it up. I figured it out eventually, but not before knocking over the lovely bamboo arrangement my sister gave me as a housewarming present. It fell, top-first, onto the floor, scattering itty bitty stones everywhere and breaking the tops completely off the bamboo. I put the broken bamboo in water (perhaps it will grow roots?) and picked up a fair amount of stones.
Big ass bummer right there.

I'm feeling a bit drained now.

I was going to post about how heartened I am by the appearance of several spiders in and around the house. I'm so used to seeing them that the first 3 years in the house without them felt a bit odd. I've seen several now, so it feels much better.

Except for Blue Screens of Death and ruined bamboo arrangements, that is.


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