Keeping the pace up

Last night I pushed through the last hour and made quota. Yay!
Going home yesterday, I was worried because I had realized that the time frame on the current plotline didn't match the pace of the story. I toyed with the idea of rewriting some of what I had already written, to pull the story forward in time a bit, closer to the action. But, not only did it seem that this would slow down my writing process, but it would also contradict my current method of following the characters to find the plot. So, there had to be a reason my characters had met in such a way and at that paticular time in the plotline. When I started looking at that, I realized that it had to happen that way to allow for character development. And in following that development through it's natural course, taking into account the feelings of my characters, I found a new plotline to lay over the other one! Yay!
This method of writing is really interesting, and I'm looking forward to finding out what quality of novel it produces. :)

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