Excuses excuses

I don't think not going to tai chi class would have changed things, but it would have helped a little. Maybe I would have gotten to bed an hour earlier. Maybe.
After laboring over the novel for several hours and producing only a little more than half quota, I realized I still have some thinking to do on the end. I want it to be a bit more intricate (like one of those caper movies, Ocean's 11 or The Sting) than just the usual blammo action movie/story. That of course, requires thought and time to think -- something I'll have plenty of once we get going on the Great Sardine Ride to Oklahoma, but not something I had last night.
So finally I closed up shop and got to the real work of the evening: getting ready for the trip. Of course, this included typical trip stuff like packing and taking out the garbage, but I also had to clean the stovetop (because I had let it go too long without cleaning and there will be someone coming in to feed the cats - I can't have her seeing I'm a slob! Ok, it is NaNoWriMo time... mitigating circumstances) and replace the litter in the cat's bathrooms. I also had to dig out the vacation light timers and set the VCR to record my favorite shows.
Ironically, all this kept me up longer than the novel ever has - 3 am. Granted, I can pack and clean while I'm tired, but I can't write while I'm tired.
Here's to hoping I can still make good progress on the novel while surrounded by distractions.

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