Back on Track

I was really tired at work today (yesterday, actually, since it's after midnight), so I had some serious worries about meeting quota this evening.
Thanks goodness as soon as I got home I got started. So, 4 hours of writing and two hours of watching TV later, I reached quota. Yay!
"Why were you watching TV?" I hear you ask? Well, I need a bit of a break and time to eat dinner. I just need a vacation from my own head for a while. The first show was good (Enterprise, latest in the Trek series) and and the second (Medical Investigation, a combination of the medical drama and the forensic shows) was so-so. There was some decent writing, but they relied way to much on the "charismatic leader" who I found a little overbearing. He fell smack in the mediocre section of the range, with Grissom (CSI) and Jack Malone (Without a Trace) being the positive end of the scale, and Horatio 'H' Caine (CSI: Miami) [cue sound of cat and hairball here] on the negative end.
Well, it's time for bed. I really feel positive about possibly kicking some novel ass this weekend.

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Anne C. said...

I love your comments, Aileen! Thanks so much for being in my cheering section. :D