Over 5K words today folks, and that makes 12K this weekend (including Friday). I am over a day ahead of "minimum", which I will be adding to slightly if I get my usual quota of 2K done Monday and Tuesday. Yippee!
I have a little over 12K to produce in the next eight days. No problemo! Even with lost time in the car.
[Doing the conga line by myself around the room...]


Aileen said...

SEEEEE . . . I knew you could do it! And I knew you'd really kick that novel in the . . . butt after Brian and I were out of your hair! You go Annie!

The Herdsman said...

Woo hoo!! You're my hero! I do my own little sprints (see my blog posting last weekend) but I have to day that there's no way I could sustain 2k words a day .... certainly not for a month :oP

Annie, you rock!