Encore Encore!

Well, I'm being hit with "the sleepies" (as a friend calls them). I need to either get up and do some dishwashing, or go to bed. Haven't decided which yet.

I've got lots and lots done today, clocking in at about 10 hours of work and just over 4200 words done. I was hoping for 5 to 6 K, but one can manage only so much attention span. The words per hour dropped considerably after 3K. During my dinner break I watched "Someone Like You" (yes, the title is abominably bland). Normally I'm not much for romantic comedies. I'm too much of a romantic myself, and I find them a little too pat a lot of the time, especially considering how life doesn't really conform to the romantic comedy formula. Anyway, I happen to like this particular movie, mainly because it's female lead (Ashley Judd) is not overly saccarine and it's male lead (Hugh Jackman) gorgeous and charming beyond belief. I swear, if there was someone I wanted to meet in real life to see if he were as handsome and as charming as he appears on TV, it would be Hugh. I'll have *that* with a side of chocolate sauce, please! (Let it be noted for the record that the males in my family have not cornered the market on non-sainthood.)

Aww, one of the kitties has settled next to me on the couch. Too cute. Maybe I'll manage to stay and write a little longer.

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