The Finish Line

I... did... it.
I... man...aged... to... fin...ish.
Seriously though, those last 500 words were killing me. I was slogging through the story linearly and suddenly thought, "I'll be up forever doing it this way!!" so I flipped through to a few spots where I knew I could add some description (and no b.s.!). Not done editing, of course, but a winner nonetheless.

Above you will see the "prize" (besides the warm fuzzies) - an icon to put on my webpage. The bird, you will notice, is smiling and instead of a typewriter has a finished manuscript.

For those wishing to see the previous icon, it's here.
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Slick said...


50,000 words in 30 days... that is incredible. way to stick with it


Anne C. said...

Thanks for your support, Nate. I really learned a lot about how great people can be when you're attempting something this difficult. :)
(See Acknowledgements post...)