Mixed Weekend Before It Even Starts

Keep me away from your expensive mechanical stuff, people. Right now, I'm deadly.

On my way up to see Auntie Ruthie, my engine died. Yup, DIED. Fortunately, it's death scene was a little longer than 5 minutes so I could get off I-25. Here's the transcript:
Big D: [Hiccup]
Me: Uh Oh
Big D: "Check Engine. Check Engine."
Me: [puts on hazards, since I'm going so slow, then drives on I-25 shoulder to the nearest exit]
Me: Come on, just keep going a little longer...
[Right turn, right turn to convenient parking lot. Just reach a clear spot out of the way and...]
Big D: [gasp! DIE.]

I called Ruthie, let her know what was going on, then called the dealership (of the two places I've taken the car, they seemed like the more reliable, if possibly more expensive, choice). For the auto-savvy among you, when I stopped and opened the hood, the area under the radiator (towards the back of the engine stuff) was smoking lightly. There were no strange noises, only a change in the power available.

Fortunately, I had a book with me since I did a lot of waiting. Waited for the tow truck and waited at the service center while they diagnosed the car. Turns out its something going on inside the engine and they needed to wait until Monday to get in there and take it apart. I'm thinking this bill will measure in the thousands and is the raison d'ĂȘtre for savings accounts. :(

I got a rental and ended up going up to Ruthie's anyway. It was only half past two at that point and I certainly wasn't going to let it ruin my day. I'm really glad I did, since Ruthie and I had a good time making soup for her and chatting. :)

Now I'm tired and going to take a hot bath and read more of my book. :D


Anonymous said...

Oh no, Anne! I'm so sorry! *HUG* If it makes you feel any better, this massive 2009 appliance failure is going around like the flu. Earlier this year, my dryer died. My poor neighbor lost a fridge, first, and most recently his HVAC system. Another blogger friend just lost her dryer, and my sister hit a BEAR with her car. OK, so maybe none of that will make you feel any BETTER, per se, but hopefully the old adage "misery loves company" will come into play and at least you'll know that out there in the universe are people you can commiserate with! *HUG*

Stacey said...

Well, crap. I'm glad you still got to see Ruthie and enjoy the day. So far this year, washer died and computer died...it's early yet, so I'm waiting for the third one.
At least there's pumpkin carving today.

Nathan said...

Doesn't the cocktail dress get in the way when you're trying to look behind all the engine-y stuff?

Anne C. said...

Thanks Jen and Stacey, that does help a little. :)

(And pumpkin carving is tomorrow - Sunday. Should I check on JR, see that he doesn't pull a "Dee"?)

Nathan, that's why I have to send my cocktail dresses to the dry cleaners. Doing too many chores in them. ;)

Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

My cat's got diabetes and I have to give him shots twice a day. On the other hand, he's still alive.

Dr. Phil

Random Michelle K said...

We're looking for a new stove, so appliance fail is apparently going around.