No Bounce

One of the challenging things when you live alone is that you lack easy access to a sounding board. I've managed to make do with friends and family, but there are times that you don't even realize you haven't thought about something.

For example, when my mum was visiting a while back, she was watching me make the cats' food. She asked a few questions and because of that, I've changed my routine and cut 10-15 minutes off the time it takes me to make the food. A similar thing happened when my mum and dad asked me some similar questions about how I package it up for freezing. These are not things I would have thought to ask someone to critique.

(And before y'all offer to be a sounding board for me, fear not. You already are. I'm just talking about these little routine things that sometimes just need to be observed from the outside or another perspective.
No, you cannot come live with me for a week for the sole purpose of critiquing my every action.)

So today, thank your spouse or significant other for asking the silly questions. It really does help.


WendyB_09 said...

I've lived by myself for many years now, after a life of family or spouse or roomies. I suspect I do things a little differently now than I did when someone was watching.

Jeri said...

I'm not entirely sure my 'roommates' are very useful sounding boards, but they sure are snarky critics. ;)

John the Scientist said...

"No, you cannot come live with me for a week for the sole purpose of critiquing my every action."

That sounds like a lucrative new career field!

belsum said...

That's very interesting. I don't know that I would have thought of that particular aspect of single life but it makes perfect sense. Huh.