Feeling Strangely Insular

Here are some belated photos from the big snowstorm last week.
Sorry this blog has been quiet. I've had the time, I've had the subjects (like the pictures below). I guess I just haven't had the inclination. For that, I apologize.
Seeing as tomorrow is November, a month devoted to writing, I will pledge to do better in the days to come. I do have a plan for writing some fiction for NaNoWriMo, which I will unveil tomorrow (Nov. 1).

Until then, marvel at the quantity of snow on my deck!

As you can see, Matti braved the 1/2" of snow that had collected in a corner. Couldn't get much further though.

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHA Go Matti! When it snows here (rarely), MK will go out on the screened in porch at my parents' house and walk around in the dusting that accumulates on the floor in there. Something about snow makes all of the cats a little bit more bird crazy, and the screened in porch is the best way to get close and dream!