Roasting Weather

I have been meaning to roast more chicken, ever since I found out how easy it is. I'm not so much a fan of chicken on the bone... or really of chicken as an entree at all. There's nothing really wrong with it, but it's not really all that appetizing to me.
What IS appetizing (and the real reason I roasted a chicken last night) is chicken soup! I wanted those bones to make stock and the chicken meat to put in as a tasty counterpoint to carrots, celery, and thick egg noodles.
So, what you see above is the quick and easy roasted chicken with vegetables. In a few days (since I'm making the stock today) you'll see photos of yummy chicken soup.

[Next time though, I might buy one of those rotisserie chickens in the grocery store. They taste pretty good and eliminate a few steps. Only downside is that I don't know where the chickens came from, like I do with a raw chicken.
The other alternative is to check the flavor of the homemade stock against some of that boxed stock that claims to be organic, etc. etc. If it tastes pretty decent, I might shortcut even further to there and just make the soup itself.]

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