The Last Studying

I just got my pass letter for the eighth exam. [audience in unison: "of course!"]
I'm taking the ninth and final Architectural Registration Exam on Thursday morning. I finished reading the study book for it over the weekend. (Yay!) I'll keep the concepts fresh in my mind by taking the practice exam and looking at the flashcards, but I'll keep the studying pretty light. I deserve it for working hard on the reading!

Yay me! ;)


Tania said...

Yay!!! Hurrah huzzah!!

MWT said...


And good luck on that last one! :)

Random Michelle K said...

Congratulations! Yippee!

Hip! Hip! Huzzah!

(That last bit was done in a bad fake British accent)

Janiece said...

That's 'cause Anne's a Smart Chick.

Yay, Anne!

Anne C. said...

Heh. You guys are awesome. :)

Mummy Grabill said...

Anne is so smart! Anne is so smart! S-M-R-T . . . I mean S-M-A-R-T! :-D

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome! So, an ignorant question -- what happens when you finish your professional exams? I'm assuming licensure... what else? A raise? Better projects? More work?

All I got w/ my proj mgt cert was the last item on the list. :P

Your trip to India seems to be very well timed. :)

Tom said...

Anne, Anne, she's our... uh... Anne!
If she can't do it, no one can!
(And we know she can)

If licensure is what you're after, don't loose those first 2 letters. They make all the difference in the world.

Stacey said...


John the Scientist said...


Unknown said...

Yay!! ......of course!
love you

Anne C. said...


Re: What happens next

Technically, I'm already doing the work of an architect, so the work would be the same (and after I'm done shepherding my current project through construction, I'll probably head a project in the later stages of design). I would have a new title, since I would legally be able to call myself "architect." I'm not guaranteed a raise because pay is based on responsibility, and even though some people get the title, they're not necessarily ready to take control of a project. I, on the other hand, am functioning above my title/payrate and might therefore merit a raise. I have to ask my boss specifically for it, of course. Of course, the title change means that I'm in a different pay bracket, so it's good for the future.

And yes, the trip to India did work out really well (also gave me something to work towards!).

Jenn said...



Best of luck on your next exame.