Real Irony

Remember I said yesterday that I was actually looking forward to going to work today, because I had tidied and organized and felt like I would be able to focus and accomplish stuff?
Well, today, I am sitting at home unable to accomplish stuff because I am f-ing sick.
Not only do I hate feeling sick, I hate missing work because I am sick. Even on my least efficient days, I get something done, but not today. Plus, there's no one at work who is doing my job while I'm away, so the work piles up and the deadlines creep a little closer. If I'm going to have more work to do when I get back to the office, I'd rather it be for fun reasons, like a vacation!
So here I am, crabby and unable to get some much needed sleep.

I'm going to the doctor this afternoon for a diagnosis. I think it's bronchitis, which according to WebMD may be treated at home. However, I have a friend who browbeat me into going to the doctor for a real diagnosis. Seriously, though, I suppose a $15 copay is cheap to confirm the diagnosis and treatment. I learned to self-diagnose and avoid the doctor from my dear Mum, who, in the well honored tradition of "do as I say, not as I do" would probably prefer I go to the doctor too.

Damn, I hate being sick.


Stacey said...

I'm a home sick too, but with stomach yuckie. And yes you should go to the doctor :)
I hope you feel better and don't forget to let me know what Dr. K says.

Random Michelle K said...

Go to the doctor!

It may be bronchitis, but it could also be something worse, and you want to avoid something worse.

And please call your relatives 3 times a day. It sounds stupid, but I had a friend who lives alone pass out and she laid on her floor for 24 hours. Ended up in the hospital, and is mostly ok now, but things could have been MUCH worse.

So please check in with people on a regular basis.

If that doesn't convince you, I can give more details.

Anne C. said...

Heh, Michelle, you are such a caretaker. I will call someone, if only to avoid hearing anymore horror stories. ;)

I did not get to see the wonderful Dr. K, who is not there on Mondays. However, his so far acceptable substitute, Dr. G, looked me over and said there was nothing they could do for me. Which is a good thing. Essentially, they look for what they don't want it to be (in this case, flu or pnumonia) and as the symtoms came on gradually, it is not the former, and I do not have an elevated heartrate or crap in my lungs, so it is not the latter. I'll do exactly what I planned to do and treat the symptoms. It should go away in a couple weeks or so. Bleah.
One thing that I did not know and found interesting is that I am contagious for as long as I have symptoms. Obviously, I'm more contagious at the beginning. So, I brought some work home, to see if I can spare my co-workers some of the crap I'm experiencing.

And now, I need a nap.

Janiece said...

I hope you feel better!

Laura F. said...

I hate going to the doctor also, but if I feel terrible, I usually go.

Also, I had bronchitis once and it was one of my most miserabe experiences. I think I put up with it for almost two weeks before finally giving in and getting meds, so I hope it will clear up for you soon and you're back to yourself!!

MWT said...

Get well soon. :)

Tom said...

Just think! In between your naps, you will have temporary bouts of lucidity where you can read and re-read all our blogs and tell us just where we're going wrong! What could be better than that?

Take care of yourself, and get well soon. Don't overdo, and get the guilts and try to go back early! You need to be completely well, both for yourself, and for your coworkers.